Fletcher's Attorney, William Zieske, Said The Suit Was Brought In Good Faith And An Appeal Is Possible.

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Feinerman rejected the idea that Doig, the renowned artist, and Doige were the same person. Fletcher, 62, testified that he bought the painting of a desert landscape while Doig was serving prison time in Canada's Thunder Bay Correctional Center. But Feinerman said it was Doige - who was several years older and painted at the time - who was briefly in prison. After Tuesday's decision, when a reporter asked Fletcher if he was still convinced the man he bought the painting from in prison and the internationally acclaimed artist were one and the same despite the judge's conclusion, he responded: "I am." Doig, who attended the trial last week but listened to the verdict by telephone, sharply criticized Fletcher's lawsuit. "That the plaintiffs in this case have shamelessly tried to deny another artist his legacy for money is despicable," he said. Fletcher's attorney, William Zieske, said the suit was brought in good faith and an appeal is possible. A key witness for Doig was a Canadian woman, Marilyn Doige Bovard, who told the court the painting was by her now-deceased brother, Peter Doige. She confirmed her brother had been in prison where Fletcher worked in the mid to late '70s. Doig, who now lives in Trinidad, said he's never been in prison.

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